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BUXCOMM  Enterprises  Inc., Until 10/18/2018, this was our Company Profile:

Buck's Communications Enterprises Inc; began in 1955 in Anniston, Alabama as a manufacturer and distributor of Amateur Radio Antennas, Amplifiers, and Accessories.  Today, we are headquartered in Central (Evington) Virginia USA.  In 1992, the name "BUXCOMM" and in 1999, the name "RASCAL" became registered trademarks of Buck's Communications Enterprises Inc.  Over the last 73 years BUXCOMM Corporation has advanced to offer one of the most comprehensive lines of Amateur Radio products in the HAM Radio hobby 

We've Built Our Business on Meeting Customer Needs:
BUXCOMM has 9 employees, who pack and expedite your orders, meet your needs, and answer your questions.  We often work 24/7 to build and deliver our RF products (BALUNs, Antennas, and Accessories) to our distributors world-wide, so they too can meet the needs of their customers.  Today, BUXCOMM Enterprises, Inc. continues to build on our solid reputation for providing our dealers and customers the best quality, at the least possible price. 

99.9% Off-the-Shelf Availability:
Our extensive product line is ready to ship off-the-shelf, for same day shipping.  We at BUXCOMM realize you cannot waste time looking for specific Amateur Radio related products, so we try to make all the special items available when you want them.  With over four thousand (4000) products in our four (4) warehouses, you can rely on BUXCOMM to have the items in stock, when you need them.  These parts include those special, hard-to-find; fix'd station Antennas, BALUN's, Radio to TNC cables, Radio And Sound Card Adapter Links (RASCAL), Sound Card interface and PC products, mobile antennas, mobile antenna mounts, accessories, RF connectors coaxial cable, wire, rope, and adapters.

Custom Cable Assemblies:
Custom built cables for our interface devices (RASCAL, TNC's and Packet Controllers) are in stock or can be built in one day.  All cable assemblies are double-checked before they are shipped. 

Help and Tech Support:
Not sure what you need?  BUXCOMM ™ Technical Support staff is not an off-shore, bunch of non-ham's.  First and foremost, we are licensed Amateur Radio operators,  Engineers, and one scientist devoted to helping solve your problems or helping determine what you need.  Our Tech Support team was available weekdays 9 AM to 4:30 PM.  support@buxcomm.com.

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 All text and graphics on these pages are ™ of G. E. Rogers Sr and BUX COMM Corp 1985 - 2019